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AMI Video Kit

The AMI Video Upgrade Kit lets you connect your jukebox to a nearby TV, providing access to a music television channel with thousands of music videos available on-demand. Patrons can select videos right from the jukebox alongside their favorite songs! This premium upgrade gives your jukebox a cuttingedge visual advantage that patrons can't miss and locations will love.


AMI Continental

With eye-catching design and thousands of music videos from the '80s, '90s, 2000s, and today, the AMI Continental sets a new standard for jukebox style and innovation. Patrons can choose between standard audio-only play or upgrade their song selection with a music video.


AMI Entertainment

AMI 32" NGX, 19" Mini & the NGX Grand

Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop. Punk, Funk, Crunk. Tejano, Emo, Screamo. Everyone has different musical tastes, and with over 650,000 songs on our network your customers will find every song they want, whenever they want it. Our eye-catching jukeboxes fill the room with killer sound and quality tunes in every genre imaginable – and that's the kind of thing that makes people to choose one location over another. Give them 650,000 reasons to choose yours.

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NGX Face Place

The NGX Face Place Juke is a joint effort between AMI and Apple Industries that offers locations a jukebox unlike any other. By combining AMI's popular NGX jukebox and V3 software with Apple Industies' Smile 2.0 photo booth technology, the NGX Face Place Juke packs great tunes and cool photos into a single versitile unit. It's an innovative machine that plays music, takes pictures, and prints photos right on location.

  • Built around a Rowe NGX 32" touchscreen monitor with configurable promotional belt
  • Features the same easy-to-service core computer and electronics package as a standard NGX jukebox
  • Runs AMI's Version 3 software, proven to increase cash box performance
  • Utilizes Apple Industries' innovative Smile 2.0 photo technology and printer
  • Built-in face detection spots patrons walking by the unit and invites them to take a picture